Vision Spinner - 900 mah
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Vision Spinner Variable Voltage 900mAh eGo Battery 



The new Vision Spinner battery uses smart buck-boost converter technology, which allows you to adjust voltage output from 3.3v ~ 4.8v by spinning the dial at the bottom.  Regulated voltage output remains stable as battery is depleted.

The Spinner battery is safer than regular eGo batteries because it offers 3 kinds of Protection:
  • Short Circuit Protection: When short circuit happens, the battery will  shut down and not function again until short circuit is removed.
  • Safety Cutoff/Atomizer Protection: If you press the button for 8 seconds, the battery will be locked until the next press.
  • Low Voltage Protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.3v, the battery will shut down.

Additional features and notes:

  • 5-click On/Off lock feature; Press the button 5 clicks within 2  seconds and activate the battery or turn it off.
  • A fully charged Spinner 900mAh variable voltage battery can provide 8-10 hours of use.
  • Using the battery at a higher voltage output will drain the battery  faster than at a lower voltage. We suggest you to start with a low  voltage and increase the voltage gradually until you find the right  voltage for your atomizer/cartomizer.
  • Item #: VSP900

Vision Spinner - 900 mah

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