Black Sheep Blend Signature Coffee
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*sold in half-pound bags, ground beans.


This dark roasted coffee does not play by the rules. This blend is round and silky in texture, but unlike its dark roast siblings, it doesn't bite back. It finishes with the fruit, sweetness, and crispness that a light roast does. Go ahead, be different and enjoy a cup of Black Sheep Blend! 
There's a funny misconception about dark roasted coffee that even I bought into for a long time. People assume that, if you dark roast a coffee, you must not care about it...since you're roasting away "all of the good stuff." Where's the fruit? Where's the sweetness? Where's the acidity? 

Our Black Sheep Blend is an example of dark roasted coffee done right. We found that our Ethiopia Konga, roasted dark, produces an effervescent cup of coffee. Pair that with the red fruit and apple acidity of the Colombia Antiquoia. Then, just for fun, throw in a little bit of coffee that doesn't belong, our light version of the Ethiopia Konga. Together, they create a sweet and fruity cup of dark roasted coffee. It's pretty amazing the combinations of flavors you can create when layering coffees like we did here.

Go ahead. Be different. Enjoy a fruity cup of (dark) coffee. 
FARM: Colombia, Ethiopia
VARIETY: Colombia, Caturra, Heirloom
PROCESS: Semi Wash and Washed
FLAVOR: Blackberry, Plum, Vanilla

At first glance I thought this coffee looked like just another 'dark' roast. Upon blooming the coffee, smells of dark fruit filled my nostrils. Upon first sip the crisp roast hits your pallet, only to be balanced out by a very pleasing silky sweet finish. This intriguing coffee should not be judged by looks alone.

Our company was founded on the belief that we have an obligation to care for those who care for us, a social obligation. The coffee we buy, roast and sell happens within an ecosystem we call a “Socially Responsible Coffee Company.” This framework is an interlocking set of stakeholders who help create each other’s dependent success. Within this ecosystem we are seeking to grow our coffee responsibly (farmers), care for our customers, build lasting vendor success, develop employee well-being, foster community engagement and finally create lasting financial health. The commitment to these stakeholders is what makes us a Socially Responsible Coffee Company.
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Black Sheep Blend Signature Coffee

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